Air Freight


We offer solutions to all your air freight requirements. A strong origin/regional network is the strongest asset in this regard. We provide customized solutions and have a track record of swift and safe deliveries.

State of the art technologies and tools are used to provide customers with the best service. As an IATA operator, ACE can offer customers a wide variety of services. Strong relationships with the leading airlines and other logistics partners are a big part of our operations. The diversified portfolio of the company works as an assurance that customers will receive the best possible rates and reliable delivery even during peak times. We have customs and tax experts ready to advise on such matters so that customers don’t face difficulties during transport. The company’s defined services remain the best in the field thanks to the dedication and hard work of the whole team.

Our Services Include:
Generous supports from leading airlines due to strong partnering relationships
Adequate shipping berth in airlines to transport cargo
World-class air freight services with the minimum transportation costs
Excellent carrier relationships
Flexible range of customs clearance services
Door to door delivery services
End-to-end visibility and tracking facilities
Defined lead times
Urgent transport 24/7
Combined air/ocean shipping
Temperature controlled shipment for climate-sensitive products
Optional customs brokerage
Diversified air freight services to customers in each corner of the region

Air Freight Warehouse: 40,000 sq. ft Warehouse 24/7 Operations with CCTV and other security.